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Fans and Followers

Social media over the years have become a popular way for people to connect with friends and family online Business owners have to join social media now because so many people are drawn to social media sites. Followers are very vital to building credibility. Having alot of followers show that you are building a base that you can later refer to for something that you may have said in the past. When starting a business, having alot of fans and followers can help you make your product become famous, popular and on the market quicker than you expected. The followers you have build a potential base of consumers.

More followers means access to the followers’followers. Influencers are deep within your followers. Followers who wont ever buy can still refer your business; also promote the business. You may have a great grasp on your followers. Now a days others involved in social media sites give shout outs to help promote people or products


So now you know why all those followers are so important to so many people.