Does social media affect student diversity

In the United States, a higher percentage of visible minorities are visiting social networking sites on a weekly basis than their non-ethnic counterparts. The percentage of Americans of different ethnic backgrounds who visit popular social media sites at least weekly.Research shows students want to meet similar people before they feel comfortable meeting different people. Meeting different people right away can lead to a sense of isolation and even rejection (which for an teen is the most painful experience imaginable). Most social media pros can easily name the handful of people of color in business. Companies need to consider proactively adding diversity to their social media teams, to ensure that first responders and content creation teams understand the perspectives of all customers.





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Fans and Followers

Social media over the years have become a popular way for people to connect with friends and family online Business owners have to join social media now because so many people are drawn to social media sites. Followers are very vital to building credibility. Having alot of followers show that you are building a base that you can later refer to for something that you may have said in the past. When starting a business, having alot of fans and followers can help you make your product become famous, popular and on the market quicker than you expected. The followers you have build a potential base of consumers.

More followers means access to the followers’followers. Influencers are deep within your followers. Followers who wont ever buy can still refer your business; also promote the business. You may have a great grasp on your followers. Now a days others involved in social media sites give shout outs to help promote people or products


So now you know why all those followers are so important to so many people.

What’s the Deal with Spam?

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There’s a certain parasite that infects every blog, no matter how big or small, no matter how prolific or deserted: spam comments. Spam will find you when you’ve barely begun blogging, and if you abandon your blog, spam will still be around long after you’ve left. Like roaches in a New York apartment, it’s simply a nuisance that everyone has to tolerate.

But also like roaches, some blogs have a worse infestation problem than others, and there are steps you can take to keep spam from reproducing and overrunning your comment section. 

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Why so far??

Why does everything always have to have a distance either it’s to far or to close,to high or to low but what about right were we need it. In life things have always been to high or to low for me;but just recently I found something that’s right in the perfect spot I need it in and I plan on keeping it there. It’s name is Terrell also know as chy chy but best know as cup cake by me. I first started talking to this it around July 29 it was all through his brother Roberts Instagram page. He posted a picture of my cup cake and then I noticed he was kinda cute so I went to his page an started following him on what me and him call “ig” And then it escalated from liking pics to commenting and then from commenting to kiking and now were “best friends” or so we think, he’s such a sweet heart ; he makes my cheeks rosy red he has the gentlist voice that can put you to sleep he makes me smile like no one else can it’s just that simple and he’s knows that 🙂 I really hope to meet him one day real soon. Both of us are very anxious to meet and he is so different from other boys he doesn’t ask about those type of things boys usually ask about I think he is just perfect for me and me only. I ❤️ my pookie!

My 8 topics

1. Getting followers and fans
2. Entitlement to free stuff
3. Joining the conversation
4. What’s the next whatever
5. Content is the king
6. How social media effects the school system
7. Social medias experts
8. Social media is hype, stale, old, whatever